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 So So So. 

Vancouver Day... 6? 5? I don't know. 

Anyway, liking it a lot. Although... hmm, I'm going to need to get used to this weather! I like some sunshine please? Oh well. There's meant to be some next week *keeps fingers crossed*. 

Yesterday I hung out with Callum, a guy I met in the hostel and we went to the Capilano Suspension Bridge and checked that out which was pretty cool (although a bit of a rip off!) , then wandered around Gastown and Yaletown for a few hours before having a few drinks... that extended into a few more. Good night! 

Today I was meant to go watch Callum and Ross play rugby... but the ground was ages away and well... rugby? Shmeh. Anyway might meet up with them later. 

I need to buy some new shoes and boots. I only have my converse all stars... not the warmest shoes, and not exactly waterproof at all, and in it being Vancouver, if I don't want to be walking around with cold wet feet all the time. And my boots I discovered yesterday have a hole in them, which also results in cold wet feet... so NEW SHOES MISSION! 

P.S. Thanks Steph for putting that Jezabels clip on your page... I can't stop listening to them!!! They are great!


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