Mar. 3rd, 2010


Mar. 3rd, 2010 03:33 pm
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Vegas was awesome.  This is just reposted from my travel blog because I am lazy. 

Amazing. I came back from Vegas richer than I went!

Yep, I won $215 on some random poker machine. I was only betting $1! Sweet!

Anyway. Deb and I got our makeup done by one of Deb's friends at the mall. I looked more like a barbie doll than myself, but it was fun, I have never worn much makeup before, so it was definitely something different! The picture here is of me with the shoes I had to wear that night. I was a bit scared!!

We were planning on leaving around 2-3ish so we wouldn't get stuck in the worst traffic, but you know how these things go. We didn't get away until 5pm due to a bit of a mix up with one of Deb's friends who was coming - she thought we were leaving at 7pm, so wasn't ready!

Anyway we finally got on the road, and 4 and a half hours later we arrived in Las Vegas! We went to check into our hotel (The Palms) and were informed that we'd been upgraded! Woo hoo! So that was a little exciting :-) Our room was super nice, and had a pretty cool view. We got ready ( my goodness some girls take a long time to get ready! So many outfit changes!) and went out to explore the hotel and casino. We ended up at Ghost Bar which had an awesome view of the city. So pretty! Had a good night, but not a huge one as we were rather tired.

The next day, Friday, we had a bit of a sleep in, then went wandering around the Strip. Pretty full on with all these people slapping cards of scantily dressed women in your face or asking what club you're going to and trying to give you passes to theirs. We had a look in some of the casinos and were going to go on the roller coaster on top of New York New York, but the line was massive, so we didn't... wandered around just taking in the sights and sounds for awhile, then we caught a cab over to Old Vegas and watched the huge screen on Fremont St. It covers the whole street it's pretty cool, but pretty trippy! Well what they were playing then...

We went out again that night, but in the meantime I won $200! I was just bored while waiting for someone and jumped on one of those 5c poker machines.. and yeah! Put $1 in and on my second game I won!!! I was excited.

Had fun that night. Vegas is very cheap for girls and very expensive for guys. Girls get into most of the clubs for free, while guys have to pay $20-40 and then once in the club, guys keep buying you drinks! So I actually had a very cheap night... No dancing for me. I was wearing those shoes, so once I got a spot at the bar I didn't leave! There was no way I was dancing in those monsters!

So yeah. Vegas was fun. I uploaded some photos onto facebook so you can see me looking like an absolute barbie doll.

It was great staying with Deb, she was lots of fun and a great host! I'm gonna miss her.


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