Feb. 2nd, 2010

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 Had a really really nice last two days. 

My friend Kyle is home for holidays this week so he came over yesterday and we hung out all day and had a great time, just like old days, then today I was sitting at home doing nothing so messaged him and he invited me over so I went over there after lunch and just got home now at 10:30pm...

Great day, just hanging out - made him watch The Princess Bride - he'd never seen it before. His dad is so sweet. He went to Canada a couple of years ago and wanted to show me his videos lol.

The was lots of cushion fights and mucking around that made me feel young again in a good way.

I was about to head home when his mum invited me to stay for dinner, so I called home and told my mum I was staying for dinner. Got off the phone and Jenny tells me to invite Mum and Nick as well, haha, so I rang back and we had a spontaneous dinner party. So funny, Jenny got all excited.  Anyway it was a really good night. Kyle said I will end up married to either him or Venny as they are the only ones who get my lame jokes. And I'm the only girl who gets/laughs at/likes Kyle's stupid Harry Potter jokes. 


Love that boy. 

Always have since I first met him when he was a fat little kid with a shock of blond curls in Year 7 and I was in Year 8 and we played badminton in Round Robin. 

 Something I really like about some of my friends - well really the high school friends that I am still friends with - Kyle, Venny & Katie - I can go ages without seeing, and in the boys' case, without talking to them and when we see each other again it's just like normal not awkward at all we just slip straight back into our old relationship. I really appreciate and love that about them. 

Anyway might go down and visit Kyle in Geelong next weekend. We keep saying I should do that, but I haven't visited them in Geelong since first year.... which is coming up 5 years ago!!!


I'm going to the Yarra Valley tomorrow with Franco and Pat and hopefully Lochy. Should be good. I have never been up there before. 

I'm addicted to Mumford & sons. 


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