Feb. 4th, 2010 06:43 pm
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I have been really happy and content the past month or two because I HAVE GREAT FRIENDS!!!! And I have finally put that in perspective!! (And gotten over Scott lol) 

Particularly lately, I have realised how awesome some of my friends are.... shout outs to Elisa, Franco, Ian, Kyle,Cam,  Lachlan, Simon & Katie especially. There are others but they are hmmm... the inner circle? Even though half of them have never met.... 

Anyway. I love my friends. 

But what I opened this 'Post an Entry' page to write about was a lovely phone call I received this afternoon.  As any one who has read my last few entries knows, I was accepted into the University of Melbourne's Graduate School doing a Master of Teaching... which I thought I would have to decline as I am going to Canada this year.. 

Anyway, this lovely woman called Sophie called this afternoon and asked what I was doing with my enrollment. I was all.... huh?... And started talking about being able to extend my enrollment period if I still wanted to enroll.... I explained about Canada and she wished me luck and said it sounded awesome, then I said something about hoping that my declining wouldn't affect my application next year and she said 

"Oh.... didn't you know you could defer?"

NO! NO I DID NOT!!!!!!! Everything I read told me that I could NOT defer an offer for Master of Teaching at Melb Uni!!!!

But!!! But I can!!!

So she reopened my offer so I could accept it online, and now I just have to send them a letter stating that I wish to defer and some forms and yeah!! 

Hopefully now they will accept my derferment and that means I have a place next year and don't have to worry about it! And I also have a bit of structure for the next few years. Canada and adventuring this year, uni next year.... 

I am rather surprised at how happy this has made me!!!!!!!!!

Now I just need to NOT fall in love with a Canadian.....


I went on a winery tour wirh Franco, PatAllen, Ben and Anthony yesterday around the Yarra Valley. Was awesome fun. Such a good bunch of guys. So pretty up there! Tasted some very nice wines and some orgasmic cheese!!!


Hanging out with Simon and Kyle tonight, yay! 


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