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Damn time difference! I really feel like just having a random chat with my Mum, but it's 3am over yonder in Australia. :-(

I haven't really gotten homesick at all since I left Australia 3 and a half months ago. I really like it here in Vancouver and I've managed to make some cool friends (makes a big difference, a lot of my homesickness is usually people based). There was a bad night over Easter where I desperately wanted to go home, but that was a combination of things and passed pretty quickly.

Lately I've been finding myself missing Australia itself. Summertime Australia... or late Spring/Autumn. I have to remind myself that it's colder there than here now and will be for the next 3 or 4 months heh.

But I miss the landscape. I love the mountains and the lush greenness over here... it's amazing. But I find myself missing wide open planes, being able to see miles and miles until the horizon under a hot clear blue sky. Gum trees. I think it's more the countryside that I'm missing. I've mostly been in cities since I got here... While I do love cities, I am a country girl at heart, and I need to get out there every so often to recharge my batteries. I need to get out and not be able to see anyone for miles, not be able to hear any traffic...

I hadn't really realised that until just now... Vancouver is a cool city, with the mountains and North Van has so many trees, I kind of forget that I'm in a city sometimes... but the traffic and people are always there.

I think an excursion into the wilds of BC may be in order very soon.  


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