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 I had a rather exciting and pleasant surprise the other night - I was just browsing the web and came across the news that Sara Douglass has released a new book. The Infinity Gate, third book (and final... I think) of her latest fantasy series. For a moment I despaired as I did not think I would be able to read it for some time - I hadn't seen it in any Canadian bookstores - I didn't even know it was out! But then I remembered that I own a kindle, so with fingers crossed, I checked Amazon's site, and within a minute I had the book in my hands. Yay for Kindle! (Although NOTHING beats actually holding a paper book in your hands!)

Sara is one of my all time favourite authors. I will not hesitate to buy one of her new releases and I have enjoyed all of her books... and I enjoyed this one, but I found myself slightly dissatisfied with this book... 

This book was very plot driven. We've had two books to get to know a lot of characters, and I felt we really did get to know some of them quite well... but in this book it was nearly all action. Action, action, action. There was not many personal moments, and characters who were once prominent were now put on the complete backburner -  Salome for example is not even mentioned until the last third of the book. A lot of the characters felt more 2D, than the 3D rounded characters they had been in the past. And there were characters who I now wonder what the purpose of was... Hereward for example. I was very unsatisfied with her story-arc. She HAD one. I was wondering what was going to happen between her and Isiah, why she was saved when everyone around her was killed... we got to know her, I thought she had some purpose. But then she's killed off in one sentence and that's the last we hear of her. No one cares that she's dead. No one really even notices. It felt like the author just couldn't be bothered with the character anymore so just got rid of her. 

I still enjoyed the book though. It wrapped everything up rather neatly, while still leaving the way open for future books (Isiah & Axis' adventures, Ravenna & her son...). It was well written, and fast paced, all in all a good Douglass book and read. Yet I still feel dissatisfied. 



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