Feb. 4th, 2010 06:43 pm
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I have been really happy and content the past month or two because I HAVE GREAT FRIENDS!!!! And I have finally put that in perspective!! (And gotten over Scott lol) 

Particularly lately, I have realised how awesome some of my friends are.... shout outs to Elisa, Franco, Ian, Kyle,Cam,  Lachlan, Simon & Katie especially. There are others but they are hmmm... the inner circle? Even though half of them have never met.... 

Anyway. I love my friends. 

But what I opened this 'Post an Entry' page to write about was a lovely phone call I received this afternoon.  As any one who has read my last few entries knows, I was accepted into the University of Melbourne's Graduate School doing a Master of Teaching... which I thought I would have to decline as I am going to Canada this year.. 

Anyway, this lovely woman called Sophie called this afternoon and asked what I was doing with my enrollment. I was all.... huh?... And started talking about being able to extend my enrollment period if I still wanted to enroll.... I explained about Canada and she wished me luck and said it sounded awesome, then I said something about hoping that my declining wouldn't affect my application next year and she said 

"Oh.... didn't you know you could defer?"

NO! NO I DID NOT!!!!!!! Everything I read told me that I could NOT defer an offer for Master of Teaching at Melb Uni!!!!

But!!! But I can!!!

So she reopened my offer so I could accept it online, and now I just have to send them a letter stating that I wish to defer and some forms and yeah!! 

Hopefully now they will accept my derferment and that means I have a place next year and don't have to worry about it! And I also have a bit of structure for the next few years. Canada and adventuring this year, uni next year.... 

I am rather surprised at how happy this has made me!!!!!!!!!

Now I just need to NOT fall in love with a Canadian.....


I went on a winery tour wirh Franco, PatAllen, Ben and Anthony yesterday around the Yarra Valley. Was awesome fun. Such a good bunch of guys. So pretty up there! Tasted some very nice wines and some orgasmic cheese!!!


Hanging out with Simon and Kyle tonight, yay! 
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 Hmmm. I got offered a place doing Master of Teaching at the University of Melbourne! I'd half forgotten that I'd applied.... so now I have to decide once and for all - Canada or uni??? 

Pretty sure I will go to Canada this year. And apply for teaching again either next year or the year after. 

Moving back to Melbourne is tempting though. 

It feels great to know that I can get in :-D I wasn't sure if my marks would be good enough.. 


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