Jan. 10th, 2010 12:11 pm
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 Nick and I went to the John Butler Trio gig in Melbourne on Friday night. It was awesome. They just looked like they were having so much fun up there on stage. The music was really good, they played a great variety of songs both old and new - I think 'Ocean' might have gotten the biggest cheer, I was so glad he played it, I love that song. I also really liked one of their new ones 'Revolution' but it's not out yet, so I can't listen to it again. 

You know a band/artist isn't miming when they forget the lyrics and start going 'F*** me f*** me f*** me I forgot the lyrics again" or start singing "plug in the bass plug in the bass plug in the bass" and the bassist is laughing his head off. Yeah. 

The only bad things - other people in the crowd. There were some real idiots who were totally pissed and were just bleargh. And the 6ft 4 guy and his 6 ft 3 mate and their other 6 ft 2 friend and his 6ft girlfriend.... I know they can't help their height, but well.... I couldn't see John Butler 3/4s of the time because of them. And they were standing right in front of a pack of girls who would have been lucky to be 5ft.... granted those girls probably wouldn't have been able to see anywhere but right near the front, but standing behind those blokes was probably the worst place. 
Yeah so I decided to become really rich and have my own private concerts with no drunk morons and tall people at the back haha. 

This is the view I would have had if I were a few inches taller :-) 

But anyway it was an awesome gig :-D 

Had a few adventures before we got on their though - as anyone in Melbourne would attest to, Friday was a stinking hot day and as such about a quarter of the people who turned up to the gig were wearing thongs (including yours truly - I hadn't really thought about it...) but unfortunately The Palace has a very strict "No thongs/flip flops" policy.... which was stated nowhere on the ticket or the website where you buy the tickets.... only on a piece of paper that has been printed out and bluetacked to the door. 

So yeah, everyone in thongs was denied entry and told to go and buy shoes if they wanted to get in. By the time me and Nick got there it was just after 9pm.... and yeah, not really any shops were open? I saw a few guys walking back holding sneakers and asked them where they got them - Target, but it had just closed. Buggeration. Nick was fine he had shoes on, but yeah, silly me in my thongs. So we kept walking, looking in dispair at all the shoe shops that were shut, joined forces with a gang of other angry thong-wearers and finally stumbled across Big W at QV and bought ourselves some cheap sneakers and socks and raced back to The Palace, half the city away.

So we have no idea what the support act was like, as we were traipsing over the city looking for an open shoe shop while he was playing.

I had a look online and some people actually missed out on the gig altogether because they couldn't find shoes. $50 ticket down the drain because of the wrong footwear!!! So glad Big W was still open otherwise I would have missed out as well!

I don't know the no thong rule their is a safety thing or a statement thing - if it's safety it's a bit stupid when you look at some of the highheels I saw some girls wearing..... WAY worse than thongs. 

But anyway. John Butler actually said something about it too and how he thought it was stupid "tyranny comes from all sides" I think is what he said, and he apologised for any inconvenience it cause. 

It would be even funnier if it was a Xavier Rudd gig - he doesn't even wear shoes. Ever. 
Enough of footwear talk. 


Earlier that day we met Dad and Jen for a belated Christmas lunch (Dad was up in QLD with his fathers family for Xmas) at Wongs in Elsternwick which is a restaurant that Mum and Dad used to go to a lot about 30-25 years ago. Apparently it hasn't changed much haha. ANyway it was good, had a really good time and the food was yum. Had a bbq tea down at the beach with Elisa & Ian and Rachel and Ian & Rachel's mum which was cool. 
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 Ok, time for some more photos people. In here you shall find some snaps from my first time in Paris, second time in London, first time in America,  France with Mum and Nick and having fun in Bristol and Bath! 

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