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Had a nice two days in Melbourne :-)

Drove up Tuesday morning and met up with Rachel, a friend from uni who I haven't seen in ages, in the city and we had lunch at this Japanese restaurant that I used to walk past everyday on my way to work and always wanted to try. It was really good! Great food. I love Japanese food. It was really nice seeing Rach again as well.

After saying 'bye to Rach at Flinders St, I went out to Elwood and met Ivan for coffee (well, tea for me). It was nice, but a little strange. Strange as in it wasn't strange at all. I thought I was over him, and now I know that I really am. There was nothing there at all. Just friendship. It wasn't awkward at all either. Might sound weird, but I felt pretty much exactly the same way about him yesterday when I was with him, as I used to feel in the last few months of our relationship - nothing other than friendship, mild irritation, but mostly just friendship. He was just a big part of my life before, it was hard to imagine it without him, even though I wasn't in love with him. Nice to know now. A few people have asked if Ivan and I are getting back together now that I'm back... but... Big No. There's just nothing there at all anymore. For either of us, I think.

Anyway, after that hung out on Elisa and Ian's balcony for an hour, then drove back into the city and met up with Renee, Matt and Nao for dinner. I went on exchange with Renee and Matt back in 2002, and Nao is Matt's fiance. It was awesome to see them again - we hadn't all caught up since Matt's 21st in 2005! Time really flies.

Yesterday I just hung out with Elisa, which was nice. We went to Chaddy for some reason that we couldn't really figure out once we actually got there... watched a silly movie - Bride Wars. Laughed and cringed. Then beers on the balcony when Ian got home. Lovely.

I left about 8pm. Was getting a little bit tired, so I had one of those Mother Energy drinks.... it gave me way too much of a buzz, I was hyper the rest of the drive home, then I couldn't get to sleep til about 4am!!! And then I woke up at 9am and couldn't get back to sleep.... mmm caffeine is not good for me unless I actually WANT to stay up all night....


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