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Jul. 30th, 2009 01:38 pm
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I only have two nights left! How strange. I am back in London, got here Tuesday. I have decided London is much more fun with friends than by yourself.
I'm staying at a hostel, Lyndal has moved out of her flat and is travelling around Europe, so no free place to crash, or friend to hang out with! The hostel is in a good location though in Hyde Park/Kensington and right near the Natural History Museum.
The people there are rather boring though. The common room feels like a doctors waiting room. Everyone is either on their laptops, reading or watching TV with no-one making eye contact! It is rather strange!

I am over hostels though. I just feel like chilling out with some mates....bah!

I was going to go back to teh Natural History Museum yesterday but the line was MASSIVE. As in you would have had to wait for hours to get in, and I didn't want to go back there that badly, so I went to the Victoria & Albert instead which had no lines and I find almost as interesting.

Today I have been to the NPG, it was raining when I came out so hmmm what now. Was going to go to Greenwich but I will do that tomorrow, hopefully it will not be raining.

I am excited to go home!
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 Ok, time for some more photos people. In here you shall find some snaps from my first time in Paris, second time in London, first time in America,  France with Mum and Nick and having fun in Bristol and Bath! 

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