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 Hmmm. Guys keep giving me their cell phone numbers. I don't have a cell phone. 
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 This is kind of cool travelling with my laptop. Don't have to worry about using other people's computers and what not... although I haven't actually TRAVEL travelled with it yet... I know I'll be paranoid about travelling with it later when I'm at hostels.... but plenty of people do it. I've just never travelled with anything even semi-valuable before. Last trip all I had to worry about was my camera, my wallet, my passport and my eurail pass. That was all I cared about. I didn't care if I lost anything else. This time I've got my iTouch and laptop as well so hmm. But I won't be on the road for too long before I get a house (hopefully), so I just hope nothing happens over the next few weeks!

I'm at a restaurant at the moment. Deb works here, she's got a four hour shift and I'm just tagging along and she keeps randomly bringing me out food and drinks. Pretty cool haha. I like typing in cafe's... I've never really done it before. Noorat and Terang have a distinct lack of cafes... well Terang have a couple, but I wouldn't feel comfortable doing it there for a few reasons. 1. They are pretty crummy places, and 2. People I know would keep wanting to now what I'm doing. 

Had a really good night last night. We drove over to Hollywood and had a bit of a walk around, then went to Geisha House, a pretty cool Japanese restaurant. The food was SO YUM! I have to get used to how in your face and friendly American waiters are. Deb laughed at my reaction when the waiter sat down at our table and started chatting to us. I was like *bewildered look* "Hi?" Haha.  
We spent ages there - talking too much, my food was kinda cold by the time I finished it! After we left we went for a walk along where all the stars are - I got excited when I saw a name I actually recognised as I had no idea who most of them were! Had fun looking at all the handprints and footprints in front of the Chinese Theatre. Rita Hayworth had tiny feet and hands!! 

We didn't stay out too late as I was jetlagged and Deb is sick with a cold, but we still had a really good night. 

Today was pretty relaxed. We went out for breakfast, then drove up into the hills and saw some massive mansions and went to the beach and played in the rockpools. We got back in the car and realised we'd been there for an hour heh. Got some cool photos of the waves crashing on the rocks. I need to get an upload chord... Mine is still at Scott's house (he won't send it to me! I think he might have chucked it out...) Since I got home to Noorat I've been uploading my photos through my printer... which I can't exactly do anymore, so I need to figure that out soon.  

Anyway. Deb keeps bringing me out wine, so I might go before this stops making any sense whatsoever. 

I am a lot happier at the start of this trip than any other. I was SO FREAKING MISERABLE when I first got to Japan, and my first week in London last year I was so lonely and really wondered why the hell I was doing it... those thoughts were usually around 3-4am in the morning when I couldn't sleep. Jetlag hasn't been much of a problem this time thankfully! 

Also, I haven't just gotten out of a relationship, and don't have a boyfriend. I had a boyfriend back in Australia when I went to Japan who I missed insanely, and Ivan had just broken up with me when I went to London... so yeah, when you're travelling on your own.... SINGLEDOM RULES!!!

Ciao for now!
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 Hello from Los Angeles :-)

Just a quick one. Obviously I got here alright! We got to Melbourne Airport super early - left home at 6am, got there about 8:30am.... check in didn't even open til 8:45.... so we had a fair bit of time to kill, but it was nice, we just got some hot drinks and sat in Hudson's watching the planes. Dad got excited because we were sitting next to some cricketer from the late sixties/seventies (Paul Sheehan?) and he had a bit of a chat to him. 

I think it gets easier to leave the more often you do it. I was bawling my eyes out when I went to Japan and they had to literally push me through the doors. Last year there were very few tears, but I was petrified and rather reluctant to actually walk through the doors. This time we were laughing and joking around and playing a waving game until I finally went through - the line up was MASSIVE - my family kept running up to different spots and waving like maniacs. It was funny. And I didn't have any reluctance to leave, and I wasn't scared or anything. Probably because I've been to America before and I kind of know what to expect, plus I'm staying with someone I already know for the first week... 

Caught up with Jimmy, Ian's cousin, at the gate. Had a bit of a chat to him, but we weren't sitting anywhere near each other on the plane. The flight wasn't full which was good, so I had an empty seat next to me, so I could spread out a little bit. 

Flight itself was very uneventful. I hardly slept - the seats were pretty uncomfortable, but the entertainment system was really good. Watched a heap of things, they kind of blur into each other. Time Travellers Wife, 500 Days of Summer, A year in the Life if JK Rowling, How I Met Your Mother, 30 Rock, Post Grad.... and I think some others that I honestly don't remember at the moment oh well. 

Took forever to get through immigration and customs but that was because of all the people, not because they asked many questions. I was actually surprised at how easy it was - the last two times I came to America I got grilled. He just asked me a few questions, didn't want to see anything. I actually had everything prepared especially but he wasn't interested!! 

Deb picked me up from the airport which was lovely of her. Came back to her house which has AWESOME views and is really nice and I just crashed for a few hours - I had about 6 hours sleep the past 2 days combined, so yeah I was pretty  zombielike! 

So after I emerged slightly more refreshed, we went out for lunch with her Dad and his girlfriend, really yum food.  Her Dad made me feel really welcome. Then Deb and I went for a drive around and got some DELICIOUS yoghurt from some place called PinkBerry (I think) and now we are back home and Deb's in the shower and we are going to go to Hollywood when she's ready! 

Ok that wasn't so quick after all.... 


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