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 Had a really good weekend!

Friday night I ended up going out rather late - met Kiall on Commercial Drive and met his new housemates and had a drink, then we went to Gastown to meet Tendai and his girlfriend Jaqui and her sister Naomi. 

Saturday afternoon I met up with Jono, Ian's cousin and Jimmy's little brother in Stanley Park. We hired some bikes and rode around the sea wall. It was really cool! Made me want to buy a bike. I've met Jono before and been to lots of social things with him there, but we'd never really talked just the two of us before. I was kind of surprised at how well we got on! There were no awkward silences at all or anything. 

The bike ride was really cool - the trail is about 10km or so, very easy ride. Very very pretty as well!

After we returned the bikes we walked over to English Bay and found a pub that had an awesome view over the water and went in there for a beer and dinner and before we new it it was 1am and we'd been in there for over 6 hours! We couldn't believe it. 

I ended up crashing at his place in Kitsilano cause I missed the last train. He has a really nice place in a super nice area. I really liked it. I will have to head over there more often, very pretty area! Much prettier than where I live! (But also much more expensive!!) 

Mmmmm I really like Vancouver. 

With grace

Mar. 26th, 2010 09:50 pm
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 Caught up with Tendai, a guy I used to work with at GIO in Melbourne last night. He's been living here for the past year. Was good to catch up. He has been working nearby so came and picked me up after work, then drove over to North Van to his place and hung out and had a few too many beers... 

It's kind of strange... I don't know if other beers are just flatter than Aussie beers, or if I'm just mental, but i can drink American/Canadian/European beers all night, but I can only drink a couple of Australian beers before I feel sick and bloated. 

Mumford & Sons are playing in Vancouver at the end of May but they are sold out already. Damn!! Hannah and I are flirting with the idea of a roadtrip to Portland to see them there... 

It would be weird going back to Portland I think. Or maybe it won't be. I don't know. 

Deciding whether to go out tonight or not. Tendai invited me to come out with them, and Kiall wants to hang out too, so I suppose I will. Energy levels are rather low at the moment though! Need a red bull or something... Chilling out and watching a movie is overly tempting though. 


Mar. 17th, 2010 01:59 pm
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 St Paddy's Day today! Plan is to hang out with my housemates tonight - it's one of their (Luke's) birthdays today, so should be good hopefully! I haven't been around the house all that much, so it will be good to get to know them a bit better. 

Had a pretty good weekend. Met up with Callum and associated friends on Saturday night and had a really fun night. Sunday was very relaxed, I did nothing but watch movies. 

Monday I found the local library and joined - yay! Books! It's a half hour walk away, so exercise too! I'm getting a little pudgy - I've been eating too much junk. Healthy food now! (yeah right...) 

Kiall, my friend I made in San Francisco arrived in Vancouver yesterday! Yay! Friend whose sticking around for awhile!! (Cal left on Monday) So I went down town and hung out with him all night. Was good. I can see myself becoming good friends with him... we'll see. 

I am liking the weather forecast for the next week. No rainy days! It has rained every day since I got here! 

I keep getting all these random calls on my phone. Generally I don't answer if I don't know the number as I haven't given all that many people my number and haven't applied for any jobs yet... and you have to pay to receive calls here (?!) so I don't want to waste money talking to randoms.... but yesterday I recieved two calls from a correctional facility!! Pretty sure I don't know anyone in any correctional facility, let alone a Canadian one... 


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