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Mum and I drove over to Grandma's this morning for lunch - my cousin David, his wife Shannon and baby Joshua were down, and I hadn't seen Joshua yet (he's 9 months old) so thought we should go over! 

He's such a cute baby!!! So happy and cuuuute. Such a cheeky smile. David and Shannon are the same age as me, so it slightly freaks me out seeing them so responsible and grown up with their own family... but it's right for them, they are sooooo happy. David was such a feral kid, and growing up he had a lot of temper problems, but he's really sorted himself out the last 5-6 years. I have never seen anyone as happy as he was when he was watching Shannon walk up the aisle.

If I ever get married I hope my husband looks like that when I'm walking towards him.

Seeing them so happy together gives me fuzzy feelings... but also made me realise that I am soooooo not ready for that. Husband maybe, but definitely not ready for kids any time soon. But one day. Well I think I will be waiting quite awhile for both of those anyway! There's no rush, I'm only 23.
24 in a month and a half! Haha. I was talking to Ivan the other day and he was saying that I am getting old and had better figure out what I want to do "because time is running out" I had to laugh at that. Then a couple of days ago I was chatting to Scott and he said that I'm "sooooo young", which kind of irritated me.

Just goes to show that it's just all a matter of perspective. To Ivan's 21 year old self, 24 seems old. To Scott's 28, 23/24 is young. To me... well I think you only ever feel as old a you want to. Getting older in years has never scared me, it's getting older in spirit and attitude that worries me. Age has it's benefits, but I don't want to get stuck in my ways or FEEL old, or to think that I should or should not do something because of my age. If I want a chocolate milkshake instead of a coffee, I'll have one. I don't care if they think it's a kids drink. If I want to go and do a Science Degree or bungee jumping when I'm 65, I will.


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