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Wednesday, the day that Sydney awoke covered in red dust. Flight chaos ensued. My flight wasn't until the evening though, and thought it would be okay as they were reporting that the backlog had cleared by the afternoon and yeah...LIES!  Mum was lovely and drove me to Avalon (giggled at the ghastly spray painted orange rocks lining the driveway at Avalon) and we wondered where all the planes were - we could only see one, and that was a massive Qantas 747.... no Jetstar planes to be seen at all. Anyway, walk in and first thing I see is that my flight has been cancelled. Damn it. Got lucky though, they put me on an earlier flight that had been delayed and I ended up leaving only about 10 minutes after my original flight was meant to leave, and got to Sydney at the same time! So it all worked out well. 
Anna was nice and picked me up from Sydney Airport. We had a nice night just chilling out at her house and catching up and watching the Mighty Boosh. Her family is really nice. 


We drove over to Newtown (Anna lives in Coogee) and Anna took me to a cool big second hand bookshop. We spent about an hour wandering around in there. Yes, we are both dorks.  Had a look in some shops around there, then met up with her friend Martha and Martha's bf Nick and went back to Martha's house via the bottle shop and spent a lovely afternoon in her backyard. 
Went out for dinner with Anna's family. I had the best meal, it was soooooo good! 

Anna had uni, so I took the opportunity to do the ultra touristy thing and caught the train to Circular Quay and checked out the Harbour, Bridge and Opera House, then caught the ferry over to Taronga Zoo and squeed over the adorably cute baby elephant and irritated at parents who were pointing to the gorillas and saying "Look at the Monkey!"  Got sunburnt. 

That evening I met some more of Anna's friends, Nadia and Eleanor, and we drove to Bankstown and went out for dinner and tried shisha/agila/hookah/whatever you want to call it. It was nice. I wouldn't do it very often, it's still smoke, but it was nice. Apple. Mmmm. 

Anna and I 


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