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A guy who knows how to cook is a very sexy thing.


Jun. 3rd, 2010 02:36 pm
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 Tomorrow is awesome. Anything can happen tomorrow. Every night before I go to sleep I think "I will do that tomorrow", and in that point of time I could do it tomorrow. I could actually write a story. I could go for a run. I could... I don't know... anything is possible. 

Of course it being me I usually end up doing nothing productive in the slightest. But there's always tomorrow.... 
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My little sister got engaged yesterday!!!!!

So happy and excited for her!!!

They were in Paris and he slipped the ring on her finger under the table at a small nice restaurant . I don't know any more details. 


Mt Baker!

Apr. 11th, 2010 02:05 pm
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 Yesterday was awesome. 

I went to Mt Baker in the USA for the day with Tendai, Jacqui and Jono. I still find it very strange that we can drive to another country, let alone just for a day! 

It was a beautiful day yesterday. Clear blue skies. Vancouver looked amazing. We left around 7:30am and got to Baker at about 9:30am or so. Took a little while to get through the border. 

Soooo beautiful up there!! It looked Christmassy with all the snow covered trees. The snow was really good, nice powder - hardly any icy patches it was fantastic. I skied really well. So much better than the other week at Whistler! I only fell once yesterday and it was a minor fall. And I was doing blue runs nearly all day, great fun. Although I think the blue runs at Baker were easier than the blue runs at Whistler. It was only Jono's second time skiing, so he was pretty terrible and falling a lot and made me look better. But he was improving a lot over the day. 

Feeling a bit sore today though. Tendai invited me to go again today - just to Cypress though (one of the local Vancouver mountains) but I was so tired and stiff this morning I said no, but I'm kind of regretting it now. Luke went though. I get messages from them telling me how nice it is up there. Arrrr!! 

Anyway pictures speak louder than words, see the prettyfulness!

See more Mt Baker delights.  )


Apr. 8th, 2010 09:31 pm
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Hannah and I just booked the tickets! We're leaving on the 27th for one week. Wheeeee! I'm excited!!!!

SUN! WARMTH! SUN!!!!! WARMTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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 I went for a hike, well long stroll really, with my housemate Xianny and some of her friends today to Pitts Meadow. Really nice. It wasn't very far away either. 

Anyway here are some pics. 

Clicky here fore more prettiness.  )
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I got my camera chord the other day, so thought it was about time to upload some photos! :-) 

Read more... )
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 Had a really good weekend!

Friday night I ended up going out rather late - met Kiall on Commercial Drive and met his new housemates and had a drink, then we went to Gastown to meet Tendai and his girlfriend Jaqui and her sister Naomi. 

Saturday afternoon I met up with Jono, Ian's cousin and Jimmy's little brother in Stanley Park. We hired some bikes and rode around the sea wall. It was really cool! Made me want to buy a bike. I've met Jono before and been to lots of social things with him there, but we'd never really talked just the two of us before. I was kind of surprised at how well we got on! There were no awkward silences at all or anything. 

The bike ride was really cool - the trail is about 10km or so, very easy ride. Very very pretty as well!

After we returned the bikes we walked over to English Bay and found a pub that had an awesome view over the water and went in there for a beer and dinner and before we new it it was 1am and we'd been in there for over 6 hours! We couldn't believe it. 

I ended up crashing at his place in Kitsilano cause I missed the last train. He has a really nice place in a super nice area. I really liked it. I will have to head over there more often, very pretty area! Much prettier than where I live! (But also much more expensive!!) 

Mmmmm I really like Vancouver. 

With grace

Mar. 26th, 2010 09:50 pm
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 Caught up with Tendai, a guy I used to work with at GIO in Melbourne last night. He's been living here for the past year. Was good to catch up. He has been working nearby so came and picked me up after work, then drove over to North Van to his place and hung out and had a few too many beers... 

It's kind of strange... I don't know if other beers are just flatter than Aussie beers, or if I'm just mental, but i can drink American/Canadian/European beers all night, but I can only drink a couple of Australian beers before I feel sick and bloated. 

Mumford & Sons are playing in Vancouver at the end of May but they are sold out already. Damn!! Hannah and I are flirting with the idea of a roadtrip to Portland to see them there... 

It would be weird going back to Portland I think. Or maybe it won't be. I don't know. 

Deciding whether to go out tonight or not. Tendai invited me to come out with them, and Kiall wants to hang out too, so I suppose I will. Energy levels are rather low at the moment though! Need a red bull or something... Chilling out and watching a movie is overly tempting though. 


Mar. 25th, 2010 04:01 am
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 Master of International Relations, or Master of Teaching? Or maybe both...


Mar. 24th, 2010 05:25 pm
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 I went skiing at Whistler on the weekend. It was so much fun! 

Hannah and Luke, two of my housemates, invited me to go up there with them and another mate of theirs, UK Dan (as opposed to Dan the Housemate) on Saturday. 

I would like to learn to snowboard, but at present time I can not snowboard for the life of me (never tried), but I can ski, so skiing it was. I went and bought some snow gear on Friday (end of the season, got it really cheap!) and woke up super early on Saturday morning to leave. 

Had a really good day. The last time I skied was way back in 2005 when I went up to Mt Buller for the day with uni. So it's been almost 5 years. So I wasn't feeling all that confident, so I left the boys (Hannah wasn't skiing, she just came along for the ride) and stuck to the easy runs for the morning while I got my confidence back. Was being super careful as well, and only fell down once (when I was on my way back down to the village for lunch and thinking 'sweet i haven't crashed!' So of course, then I smashed and really hurt my thumb, but oh well. 

After lunch the boys made me go with them up to the top of the mountain. Oh my god, the views were amazing!!! It was such a clear day, it was soooo beautiful! I don't think my camera did it justice at all. Not that I can really tell, I still haven't been able to upload any of my photos grr. 

That afternoon I stacked sooooo many times. It was getting a little ridiculous. I was fine on the green ones, but Dan made me go down a blue run and I was stacking every couple of minutes. He gave me some good tips though, so I was getting better. I just need better control. More practice. At one point I deliberately  fell over as I was starting to ski down a very steep bit backwards. I didn't really want to be doing that... 

But anyway despite all the crashes and bruises I had a very fun day!!


Mar. 17th, 2010 01:59 pm
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 St Paddy's Day today! Plan is to hang out with my housemates tonight - it's one of their (Luke's) birthdays today, so should be good hopefully! I haven't been around the house all that much, so it will be good to get to know them a bit better. 

Had a pretty good weekend. Met up with Callum and associated friends on Saturday night and had a really fun night. Sunday was very relaxed, I did nothing but watch movies. 

Monday I found the local library and joined - yay! Books! It's a half hour walk away, so exercise too! I'm getting a little pudgy - I've been eating too much junk. Healthy food now! (yeah right...) 

Kiall, my friend I made in San Francisco arrived in Vancouver yesterday! Yay! Friend whose sticking around for awhile!! (Cal left on Monday) So I went down town and hung out with him all night. Was good. I can see myself becoming good friends with him... we'll see. 

I am liking the weather forecast for the next week. No rainy days! It has rained every day since I got here! 

I keep getting all these random calls on my phone. Generally I don't answer if I don't know the number as I haven't given all that many people my number and haven't applied for any jobs yet... and you have to pay to receive calls here (?!) so I don't want to waste money talking to randoms.... but yesterday I recieved two calls from a correctional facility!! Pretty sure I don't know anyone in any correctional facility, let alone a Canadian one... 
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I have been here for one week and one day now. Feels longer.

MONDAY - Got into Vancouver International Airport in the afternoon - my flight was delayed by about an hour and a half. It's only about 2 hours from San Fran to Vancouver. Quick! I watched Whale Rider on the flight. I've really got to stop watching sad movies on planes... I always cry!
Got through immigration easily enough and got my work permit.
Collected my suitcase (it had an unfortunate shampoo explosion- at least it smells nice?) - it had been inspected in San Fran by the TSA.
Jumped on the Skytrain to Downtown Vancouver. I wish Melbourne had a train out to the airport!
Found my hostel easily enough - although I felt like a bit of a knob dragging my suitcase behind me. Missed my backpack! The hostel was alright. Not the best I've been to and kind of made me want to find a house straight away. It was full of Aussies. Couldn't believe it. Felt like I was back in Australia. Chatted to some people in the bar. They were nice, but I wasn't really inspired to see them again.

TUESDAY - Freezing day. Plan was to explore Downtown but I kept retreating into cafe's to escape the biting cold. I got a phone (Fido) and started looking seriously at places to live - emailed a few that looked alright and Mark got back to me pretty quickly so I went and inspected the room! I liked it! It's in Burnaby, takes about 20-30 minutes to get Downtown on the skytrain. The house is very close (2 streets away) from Holdom Station and is rather big - 2 kitchens, 6 or 7 bedrooms, 2 lounges - I think there are 9 housemates including me.
My room is huge. I need more furniture, it feels too empty! Anyway I like it. I know you're never meant to get the first house you look at, but this was exactly what I wanted so I took it. Only thing better would be if it was closer in, but being on the skytrain route makes it not a problem. It's pretty cheap - $550 a month with internet & utilities included. Sweet. If I lived in Yaletown or Gastown or Kitsilano or the West End, which would be way cooler, but twice as expensive.
Mark said I could move in straight away if I wanted, so I said I would move in the next day. Had already paid for the night at the hostel. Feeling rather happy and wondering if it could really be that easy (yes) I headed back to the hostel for my last night. Met my roommates Chris & Callum from Canberra. They invited me out for dinner with them and we had a really good night. Went down to Gastown for dinner and a few drinks at a place called Steamworks, then headed back Downtown to an Irish pub for a few more drinks. They met up with their mate Ross who is living here this year - he said he might be able to get me a job at his work. I'm not holding my breath, but it would be cool.

WEDNESDAY - I packed up(amazing how much mess I could make in two days) and moved to my new house! Easiest move ever. I just rocked up with my suitcase. Luckily the room is partly furnished - there is a double bed, cabinet and walk in robes already there. Signed the paperwork and settled in. Bought some new sheets, doona, pillows etc.
My housemates: everyone is in their mid-twenties or so.
  • Mark - Canadian. Owns the house. Nice? 
  • Jen - Canadian. Mark's girlfriend. Kind of looks like him.
  • Hannah - British. Student. Lovely. Very nice.
  • Luke - British. Hannah's boyfriend.
  • Dan - Canadian. In the room next to me.
  • Tracy - Canadian. Moving soon. Good.
  • Jess -
  • Alex - Haven't met her or Jess yet, just heard their names!
There are two women, I'm guessing Jess and Alex, who I haven't met properly and who don't seem all that interested in meeting me! But the rest are really friendly. Hannah and Luke invited me to go out with them tomorrow night and to Whistler on Saturday :-)

THURSDAY - Got my bank account sorted. Vancity.

FRIDAY - Hung out with Callum. We went to the Capilano Suspension Bridge. It was pretty cool, although at first my feet got soaked and freezing. Need new boots. The weather fined up in the afternoon though and we spent the afternoon wandering around Gastown and Yaletown before drinking at various pubs. Met up with Ross again. Good night. I think I need a break from alcohol. It's not affecting me anymore!
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 So So So. 

Vancouver Day... 6? 5? I don't know. 

Anyway, liking it a lot. Although... hmm, I'm going to need to get used to this weather! I like some sunshine please? Oh well. There's meant to be some next week *keeps fingers crossed*. 

Yesterday I hung out with Callum, a guy I met in the hostel and we went to the Capilano Suspension Bridge and checked that out which was pretty cool (although a bit of a rip off!) , then wandered around Gastown and Yaletown for a few hours before having a few drinks... that extended into a few more. Good night! 

Today I was meant to go watch Callum and Ross play rugby... but the ground was ages away and well... rugby? Shmeh. Anyway might meet up with them later. 

I need to buy some new shoes and boots. I only have my converse all stars... not the warmest shoes, and not exactly waterproof at all, and in it being Vancouver, if I don't want to be walking around with cold wet feet all the time. And my boots I discovered yesterday have a hole in them, which also results in cold wet feet... so NEW SHOES MISSION! 

P.S. Thanks Steph for putting that Jezabels clip on your page... I can't stop listening to them!!! They are great!
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So I have been in Vancouver for almost 4 days now and I already have a house and have moved in! Woo! I did not think that it would be this easy?! 

I haven't done anything touristy yet - it's been raining a lot, so I am thinking I will wait for a nicer day! I actually have time to do that now... 

But yeah, I am renting a room in a share house. Seems pretty cool! My room is huge, I need some more furniture, it feels empty! The other people here seem pretty cool as well. :-) I hope it works out! 

I moved in yesterday, so I only spent two nights in the hostel. 

Anyway, might write properly later, feeling a little braindead at the moment!
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I have been neglecting this lately. And I am again. This is just from an email that I sent Nick, but it covers everything!!

I really really liked San Francisco. Really cool city, and combined with a pretty good hostel and an awesome group of people I met, made for a fantastic week!

The crew that I mainly hung out with:

-Corien (pronounced like Corinne Grant...sort of) from Holland. She was super cool. I really liked her. Very down to earth and funny girl. And super tall! 6ft 3! She was easy to find in a crowd :)

- Pedro from Portugal. I like the alliteration. He was really nice and cool. We hung out a lot, did a few tours and stuff with him so he is in heaps of my photos, and I'm in heaps of his, so we will have to exchange some of them.

- Luz (Luce) from Argentina. She was really nice girl. Very funny.

- Kiall (Kyle lol....) from Melbourne. He's really cool, and is going to be living in Vancouver this year! So I have a friend already, yay!

This is us after we rode across the Golden Gate Bridge:

L-R: Pedro, me, Corien, Luz & Kiall.

I also met up with Ian's cousin Jimmy a few times for drinks, which was nice seeing someone from home! And he vouched for me to the others that my voice is not normally a croaky husk like it has been this week!

I could hardly talk at all when I arrived on Sunday - just whispers, but could talk on Monday, but it didn't really improve much at all all week, so they have never heard my real voice. It's a lot better today though, but still kinda husky.

SO yeah spent 8 days here.

SUNDAY: Flew up from L.A didn't do all that much really, just went for a wander around the city (San Fran itself is actually pretty small - about 7 miles by 7 miles I think... so you can walk all over if you want to) and had a look at Chinatown and Union Square where all the super expensive shops are. Didn't buy anything.

MONDAY: One of the famous tourist areas of San Francisco is Fisherman's Wharf, so I walked down there. San Fran is VERY hilly... up and down, up and down, and some of them are VERY steep, so my feet got rather sore by the time I got down there! Had a look, thought it was pretty cool, then hopped on a tour bus to have a look around the city. Decided I liked San Francisco. Some very cool neighbourhoods!

TUESDAY: ALCATRAZ! You've heard of Alcatraz right? If not it is an old prison (among other things) that is on an island in the middle of San Francisco Bay. It's only 1.4 miles from shore, but is considered inescapable because the water is so cold and the currents and such. Anyway, I went with Pedro and Corien and we caught the ferry across to the island. It started raining on us as we were lining up, but once we got to the island it fined up and we enjoyed a lovely sunny afternoon, while it looked like clouds everywhere around us! The audio tour was really good - it was narrated by Alcatraz guards and even some old prisoners. Very interesting and half the time we just sat in the sun soaking up the warmth. Pedro has been living in Pittsburgh for the past 6 months, so he hadn't seen any sun for awhile!

WEDNESDAY: Corien, Pedro, Luz and I hired some bikes and rode around the city (along the flat bit - the foreshore) and then across the Golden Gate bridge. Amazing views, and a beautiful day.... until we got to the other side (and bumped into Kiall - he was going to come with us but slept in, and caught up to us on the bridge) and sat there admiring the view, then watching with some alarm as some very dark clouds came rolling in from the Pacific Ocean. Thought we'd better head back but we weren't quick enough. The storm started as we were a quarter of the way across the bridge and we got soooo drenched and cold and miserable! I have never been that wet (and fully clothed) and cold in my life! The rain was coming in sideways and I could hardly see, it was horrible! But we got home eventually and that hot shower would have to have been the best shower in my life.

Went out for dinner with Pedro, Corien & Luz, then later we picked up Kiall and went to a club/pub. Kiall is only 20 and the drinking age here is 21, but sometimes he manages to get into the clubs - he just hands over his passport and half the time they let him in anyway! One time they let us in, then he must have realised because a few minutes later the bouncer came in and said he wasn't old enough. Haha. That was a different night though.

THURSDAY: Pedro and I went on a tour that took us to Muir Woods where some giant redwoods are. Very nice and peaceful and beautiful there, and then wine tasting in the Sonoma Valley. Very pretty part of the world! I think Australian wine is better though... It was a really nice day though.

Met up with Jimmy that night and we went out for dinner with the group. We went to an Italian restaurant just across the road from the hostel. It was pretty much empty and I don't the the waiter was used to having customers. He honestly seemed disappointed with all of our meal choices
"I'll have the linguini please"
"Oh... okay then..."
And he had no idea where anything on the menu was... so I get the feeling he doesn't work very often! It was rather funny. But very good food!

FRIDAY: Pedro and I went exploring some of the neighbourhoods that we hadn't been to yet. Haight Ashbury where all the hippies live and the Golden Gate Park, which is a nice big park. Lots of walking! I need better shoes...
Corien and Luz left that day so the gang was reduced to 3 :-(.

SATURDAY: I went on a day tour to Yosemite (Yo-se-mi-tee) National Park. It's about a 3 hour drive from San Fran, so I had to get up super early (5:50am BLEARGH) but it was worth it. SO COOL!!! I wish I had'v'e done a 2 or 3 day tour of it, we didn't get to see much of it at all, even though we were there for 3 or 4 hours. It's so big and amazing. It's not like anything at all we have at home. Check out the pictures when I get around to posting them.

Met up with Jimmy again that night for a couple of drinks, then back to the hostel and collected Pedro and Kiall and we went to the Mission District which is meant to have lots of cool bars, but being a Saturday night they were being a bit more strict with ID, and Kiall couldn't get into some of them... but we got into a few... but lots of walking around again! It was a bit of a dodge area, but I felt safe enough being with the two guys.

SUNDAY: My last day in San Fran... rather sad. Hung out with Pedro and Kiall all day. We pretty much just walked around all day! It was a really nice day and we saw lots of the city. Tried to watch the sunset from Telegraph Hill. Very pleasant day.


Mar. 3rd, 2010 03:33 pm
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Vegas was awesome.  This is just reposted from my travel blog because I am lazy. 

Amazing. I came back from Vegas richer than I went!

Yep, I won $215 on some random poker machine. I was only betting $1! Sweet!

Anyway. Deb and I got our makeup done by one of Deb's friends at the mall. I looked more like a barbie doll than myself, but it was fun, I have never worn much makeup before, so it was definitely something different! The picture here is of me with the shoes I had to wear that night. I was a bit scared!!

We were planning on leaving around 2-3ish so we wouldn't get stuck in the worst traffic, but you know how these things go. We didn't get away until 5pm due to a bit of a mix up with one of Deb's friends who was coming - she thought we were leaving at 7pm, so wasn't ready!

Anyway we finally got on the road, and 4 and a half hours later we arrived in Las Vegas! We went to check into our hotel (The Palms) and were informed that we'd been upgraded! Woo hoo! So that was a little exciting :-) Our room was super nice, and had a pretty cool view. We got ready ( my goodness some girls take a long time to get ready! So many outfit changes!) and went out to explore the hotel and casino. We ended up at Ghost Bar which had an awesome view of the city. So pretty! Had a good night, but not a huge one as we were rather tired.

The next day, Friday, we had a bit of a sleep in, then went wandering around the Strip. Pretty full on with all these people slapping cards of scantily dressed women in your face or asking what club you're going to and trying to give you passes to theirs. We had a look in some of the casinos and were going to go on the roller coaster on top of New York New York, but the line was massive, so we didn't... wandered around just taking in the sights and sounds for awhile, then we caught a cab over to Old Vegas and watched the huge screen on Fremont St. It covers the whole street it's pretty cool, but pretty trippy! Well what they were playing then...

We went out again that night, but in the meantime I won $200! I was just bored while waiting for someone and jumped on one of those 5c poker machines.. and yeah! Put $1 in and on my second game I won!!! I was excited.

Had fun that night. Vegas is very cheap for girls and very expensive for guys. Girls get into most of the clubs for free, while guys have to pay $20-40 and then once in the club, guys keep buying you drinks! So I actually had a very cheap night... No dancing for me. I was wearing those shoes, so once I got a spot at the bar I didn't leave! There was no way I was dancing in those monsters!

So yeah. Vegas was fun. I uploaded some photos onto facebook so you can see me looking like an absolute barbie doll.

It was great staying with Deb, she was lots of fun and a great host! I'm gonna miss her.
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 Going to Vegas tonight for 2 days!!! Yay!! I'm excited. 

Deb took me shopping and now I have some very short dresses and rather large heels (for me) to wear. I hope I don't fall over. 
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 Hmmm. Guys keep giving me their cell phone numbers. I don't have a cell phone. 


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