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Last night when I got into bed, I grabbed my Kindle off the desk and turned it on, intending to read a bit before sleeping.

Kindle broken. The top of it is screwed. The top inch is horizontal kind of lines, with a small diagonal bit in the corner. Can't read the first 2 or 3 lines of each page. Yeah no good. I cried. I asked Keenan if he'd done anything to it accidentally - he said he found it under a pile of coats on the floor and may have accidentally stood on it, but he's not sure. I don't know how it got down there - I must have left it on the bed, and then it got knocked off or something.

Anyway I thought I was screwed, as I didn't get the Extended Warranty that you can buy for it, but I was still covered by the manufacturers warranty as I haven't yet had it for a year,  but that's only for manufacturing defaults - not your boyfriend possibly standing on it.

I had a bit of a look online to see if it was possible to get it fixed and what-not and came across a guys blog and his Kindle looked exactly like mine does and he said he'd just called up and told them about it and they sent him a new one. My heart leapt! I'd read other blogs where they were charged around $200 to get a new one, or nothing at all - just Bad luck!, so I wasn't entirely sure how they'd react to me, but I gave them a call to find out.

I'm glad I did!

I just told the customer service lady that I was having a problem with the screen, and told her about the lines at the top. She didn't even ask me if I'd dropped it or anything, just apologised that I was having problems with it and that they'd send out a new one for me Priority International Express and I should get it on Tuesday! All I have to do is send back the damaged one within 30 days, they even pay for the postage! SWEET!!!!!

Very impressed with that. Very very. I thought at the least I'd have to send MINE off to get fixed, wait months and get it back eventually like a friend had to do with her camera, and a few people I know have had to do with phones.

Two thumbs up for Amazon for this!
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