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After living in Vancouver for approximately 10 months now, I have come to the conclusion that the Vancouver meteorologists use no actual weather or climate science. Instead, they have a wheel that has options for rain, snow, overcast and sunny. This they spin and update the websites. Every day they spin this wheel, and this is why the weather forecast for the whole week changes nearly every day. Right now it's telling me that it will snow on Sunday, but that will most likely change tomorrow. It's also telling me that it will be mostly sunny tomorrow, Monday-Wed. This is very likely to change. They almost always take away the sunny forecasts and replace them with rain closer to the day. Even though half the time it's sunny anyway...

On another note, I watched the movie Julie & Julia last year (2009... so not really last year now is it) sometime with my Grandma. It was when the whole Scott dramas were still going on and I remember watching it and thinking how both relationships portrayed in the movie (Julia & Paul Child, and Julie & Eric Powell) were loving and supportive and healthy, all of which were lacking with Scott and served as a bit of a wake-up call, in that I wanted that kind of relationship... and I was NEVER going to have it with Scott.

Anyway, I started reading Julia Child's memoir My Life in France over Christmas. I really enjoyed it. I laughed, it inspired me. It made me want to want to cook (I really don't like cooking very often). It made me want to go live in the south of France for a year or two with Keenan. It made me want to DO SOMETHING. Do something with my life.
Linda, Keenan's mum, noticed me reading it, and also lent me Julie Powell's book - Julie & Julia: My Year of Cooking Dangerously, the other memoir that the movie was based on. Now, I didn't mind Julie's story in the movie, although I preferred watching the Julia Child parts, but I didn't mind her.... but after reading her book, all I want to do is slap her! I really didn't like her (even less so after watching/reading interviews and a synopsis of her next book). A lot of reviewers liked her book though, said it was funny and irresistible. I had to disagree. I didn't laugh once. It was a chore to read. I kept reading, waiting for the funny bits to turn up. They didn't. And I really didn't like her as a character. Selfish, whiny, negative, self-centered... I could go on... I just really didn't get WHY she was doing it... apart from to get famous... and I looked at her blog.... and I don't get how it got so famous in the first place?

But yeah... if you get a chance, definitely read My Life in France. Take a pass on Julie Powell's self indulgent tripe.

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Weren't we supposed to have tons of snow this winter? !


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