Jan. 30th, 2010

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Long time no update! 


Camped down at Port Fairy for a week with Mum, Nick and Nick's mate Adam who has been coming with us for about 5 years now so is like my little brother now. Good relaxing week, but the weather sucked most of the time. Too much wind and rain and cold weather and not enough sunshine and warmth!!! 

Was designated driver when we (the boys and I) went out in Warrnambool one night. Now I know how to pick up in Warrnambool. Look really bored and scowl at everyone while sitting in the corner. By this time it was about 2am and Nick had promised we would go home at 1am (we'd been out since 6:30pm) but he'd met a girl and was mauling her on the dance floor and not in any hurry to leave. (It's a bit disturbing seeing your baby brother pick up) so yeah I was tired, sober, bored and kept getting approached by guys!! Wasn't interested at all, but note to self when I am... 

Was kind of weird in the nightclub there.... seemed like everyone was either 18/19 or 30. 

But I have decided once and forall that I hate nightclubs and that they really aren't my thing and I never want to go to one ever again. Although I seem to decide that every time I go to one.... yet still somehow get dragged back into one. 


Australia Day was very pleasant. Nick and I got up ridiculously early on Monday morning to get him to Monash Clayton at 9am to enroll (which these days is just getting your photo taken for your ID card - everything else you do online) so it feels like a total waste of a 6 hour drive... but yeah did that, then we went and saw Avatar 3D.... for some reason I'd seen it twice in 2D, and Nick hadn't seen it at all. Pretty cool in 3D but I don't want to watch it again for a long time. 3 times in less than a month is quite enough!! After that I handed Nick over to Kieren (haha like he's some kid... well atm in Melb he kind of is, can't really leave him alone he'd get lost!) and they went off and did man stuff and I drove down to Seaford to meet Elisa and we proceeded to have an Australia Day Eve party that was lots of fun! 

Australia Day itself we got up early and drove with Ian down to Warrigal for Ian's Australian citizenship ceremony, which was pretty cool to see and now he is officially an Aussie! Still got his awesome Welsh accent though haha. Although he kept trying to speak 'Strayan' but was pretty terrible at it. The citizenship part of the ceremony was pretty quick - but then we had to sit through all the Australia Day awards and honours and stuff which was pretty boring for the people not getting awards, but then they had a really good guest speaker - Tim Cope - he rode a horse from Mongolia to Hungary over 3 years and yeah, was really interesting to listen to! 

Spent the afternoon at Ian's parents place near Trafalgar and had a lovely bbq ... Ian's parents are lovely. They are just really nice friendly people, and I felt totally comfortable around them even though I've only met them a couple of times - usually I take a bit longer to warm up to people to be totally comfortable around... 

Anyway after we got back to Seaford I jumped in my car and drove up to Glen Waverley to another bbq at Lochy's place. I hadn't seen him for nealry a year due to first me being overseas, then he was in Hong Kong for 6 months when I got back, so very nice to see him! Various other Dan Murphys people were there and associated cousins and what not, which made for another very pleasant evening/night!! :-) 

Lochy is mean, there were two Canadians there and he made them have a 'vege shot' which he told them was a teaspoon of vegemite followed by a shot of vodka! Gross! No wonder no one likes vegemite, we always make them eat way too much of it! 

This time in 3 weeks I'll be on a plane on my way to LAX!!!!!!!!!!!

God time flies. 


Jan. 30th, 2010 03:08 pm
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Was looking through the local notices in the paper and... one of the birth notices caught my eye. Not for the baby's name, but for it's siblings... 

Fred and George Beasley. 

I had to laugh. I wonder if it's intentional at all.... 


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